Monday, April 30, 2007


Did you catch it? Sunday's concert was a hoot.

Upwards of 120 people attended, listened and laughed as these talented young men from UConn sang and entertained.

After expenses, almost $1200 went to benefit the library.

The Friends of the Bakerville Library would like to thank Sharon Mitchell and the Bakerville Methodist Church for all their help, both with this event and with many other past ones. Thanks also to everyone who helped with the refreshments and the flowers, and to everyone who came to the concert, sold tickets, and made donations.

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ML Dunn said...

(ML, I'm re-posting your comment here!)

Thank you for the GREAT concert yesterday. The performance by CDN was so much fun. What a talented group of young men. Seeing as the church was filled, where do you suppose you will hold the performance next year?!?!? ML