Friday, April 13, 2007

Just in case you're interested,

I am enjoying the hard copy version of The Devil in the White City. I haven't yet gone past the part that I listened to, but the text without any tone of voice is much more authoritative and interesting.

I did speak with someone else who is listening to the (abridged! but I'm not telling) version by the same narrator, and she doesn't mind it, which is why people really should be commenting, so this stuff isn't all just my opinions.

In the meantime, I am passing time in the car with The Two Towers, by Tolkien. The Lord of the Rings trilogy is what I depend on when there's nothing else. (I used to depend on Jim Dale and Harry Potter, but I overdosed on that voice and can't listen to it at the moment.) Rob Inglis, who narrates Tolkien, is another great one. He is occasionally boring, but once I get into it, I forget about him and just listen to all the voices.


Julie LaSata said...

I am a newbie to listening to books on cd. I found the narrator of Devil In the White City ok. I think because it is non-fiction so I felt the voice should be a bit sterile. The current narrator I am listening to is Davina Porter. She is wonderful! She keeps you captivated. I have only missed my street once(so far).
I did enjoy the book Devil in the White City. I found it amazing how much work, and money, went into an event that is not permanent.

Joan A. said...

You can really count on Davina Porter.