Wednesday, February 21, 2007


I thought this was worth a try.

Probably just like you, I read a lot, and listen to many books on tape and CD. And I really hate wasting time (unless I choose to). Just today I got through the second CD of an audiobook, and I realized that I was not going to be able to stand that narrator. (More on that in a separate post.)

Luckily, the lovely staff at the Bakerville Library keeps a steady stream of material flowing just for us, and I'll stop by and try something else instead.

But what if someone had warned me? What if someone had nudged me and said, "Psst. If you don't like high-voiced, breathy female narrators, or maniacally emotional narrators of either gender, you might want to stay away from that recording of Dracula." I could have tried something else instead (and in fact I did have an alternative in my hand, before I made my decision), and possibly not wasted my time.

When I have time, I'll post reviews of what I've been reading and let you know what I think of the book or the audio. You can leave comments.

If you'd like to post a review of your book exploits (and I'd love it if you would), please e-mail me (jauclair AT with your review, and I'll put it into a post. Please explain exactly why you liked or didn't like the book, so that other people can get the most out of your review. That way I'll know that you happen to like high-voiced, breathy female narrators with fake British accents, and I'll know whether I'm going to like that tape as much as you did.

Or--here's an idea! You can use this space to ask for recommendations for books and audiobooks to take on vacation.

I'm very interested to hear what everyone thinks!

P.S. As with all blogs, comments are subject to my approval. I will go ahead and delete any that are offensive in any way.

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