Friday, March 30, 2007

We Interrupt This Blog...

To remind you:

Coming Sunday,
April 29th, 2007
at 3 pm

A concert featuring CDN
(A Completely Different Note)
at the Bakerville Methodist Church.

Remember what a good time you had last May, when they sang at the firehouse? Here's more information about this premier all-male a cappella group from UConn, which includes Bakerville's own Patrick Reardon, last year's Northwest Idol winner!

On Sunday, April 29th at 3 pm, we'll give these fellows more room and better acoustics at the Bakerville Methodist Church (just east of us on Rte. 202), and let them raise money for the library. Tickets will be $10 (under 12 free) and refreshments will be served after the concert. Mark your calendars now!


Margeurite said...

If you miss this show you have only yourselves to blame for not taking advantage of a fabulous group of young men who obviously love to sing. Worth at least double what the library is charging. Last year we could have listened to them all day!
¡Joan, amo tu blog! Margeurite

Joan A. said...

Gracias, Marguerite!